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is opening soon! To celebrate, we’re offering an EXCLUSIVE Founding Membership rate! By combining the individual attention of a personal coach with the muscle-stimulating power of EMS technology, BODY20® delivers a customized workout to achieve the greatest results in just 20 minutes. Get Started With Pre-Opening Rates!

Get Started With Pre-Opening Rates!

Technology Training For All Fitness Levels


Burn calories, reduce cellulite, tone up and build lean muscle with BODY20®, a boutique fitness studio that utilizes an FDA-Cleared suit to deliver isolated muscle stimulation coordinated with your exercise program.

In just a 20-minute training session, your personal coach will put you through a customized 1-on-1 program, giving your body over 150 times more muscle contractions than a conventional workout.




Our FDA-Cleared suit helps activate every muscle group at the same time every 10 seconds, resulting in a workout 150 times more efficient than conventional training in only 20 minutes.


Customized Programs For Individual Goals


Your BODY20® coach customizes every workout to suit you, their client, from strength training to fat & cellulite reduction regimes. Depending on your level of fitness & goals, your training session is either low impact or high intensity, but most importantly specifically customized just for you.



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